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Kansas City, Missouri
April 30, 1906
My dear Connelley:

     I was so glad to hear from you. I had learned through our friend Arnold that you were in Topeka, but he could not give your street number, and since I met him which was by accident on a street car, I have not had time to call at his office. I am so busy. The lot of a deputy sheriff is a hard one the this country.

     Well, you have found the right man in "Randlett" when your letter came I was out on a two days drive through the country, hence, did not get your letter until yesterday, and have been studying about where we were camped when Randlett returned to us, but I have failed to figure out the place, but it was somewhere in Jackson County, Missouri. I am so sorry that I lost my diary, that would have told many dates and incidents which have slipped my memory. Your version of why Lieutenant Randlett tells the story as he does, I think is correct. As to Quantrill's picture, I have a good picture on a button, in fact, all the boys have them. It is the badge we wear at our reunions. I will try to find a photo of this picture and send it to you.

    Lieutenant Randlett is mistaken about his capture, that is, as to who saved him. It was me and not Quantrill, but his version as to why he was saved is correct. There was no one but Todd and I immediately present at the time. 

   I will relate an incident that occurred at the time of Lieutenant Randlett's capture that he also may remember. Immediately after Randlett's capture a man drove up in a two horse wagon, the rear one a "Chestnut" sorrell mare, white stripe in face. I got this mare and rode her while Lieut. Randlett was with us. I want to tell Lieut. Randlett that I am proud to know that he still lives, and that I send him an invitation to attend our next reunion, and will see to it, that he has a cordial welcome, I will also see that a written invitation is sent to him. I will write up the McIntosh incident as soon as I get moved and straightened up at 2629 Holmes Street. Accept my best wishes.

As Ever Your Friend,
Wm. H. Gregg.