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Kansas City, Missouri
July 14, 1916
      Today I saw Captain William H. Gregg at Police Station No. 4, at Fifteenth and Walnut Streets. He is a Turnkey or Jailer there.
      Captain Gregg told me that his uncle, Dr. Josiah Gregg, the author of  The Commerce of the Prarie, graduated from some Medical College in Philadelphia with honors. He was a great favorite with the officers and teachers of teh college. After his graduation, and when he was almost ready to  start home, he was taken sick. He was quite ill, and the professors all came in to see him. But none of them could tell what he was sick of. His disease baggled then all, and he did not improve under their treatment. In fact, he became worse from day to day. He felt that he could relish a toddy and was premitted to have one. Ten minute after he had swallowed it he broke out thickly with measles. He always believed that but for this drink of toddy his didease would never have developed and he would have died.
     Gregg remembers his famous uncle very well, and says he was a very quiet, studious man. He was a fine mathematician and was well informed in astronomy and had a classic education which he got for himself without the aid of a college, his medical education being all that he obtained from any institution of learning. He was a mechanical genuis, also, and could design and construct delicate mechnisms, as clocks, surgical insturments, etc. He was of a determined will. He was not an enthusiastic man in temperment, but a desidn once formed was