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At Home 2103 Troost

July 31, 1903

Mr. W. E. Connelley

U.S.P.O. Building

Kansas City, Missouri

Friend Connelley:

     The next night after you were to see me I came near kicking the "bucket," I was down town in the evening, had my picture taken, it will be ready tomorrow, I

had to hurry home on account of my bowels, called my Doctor, he would not say that I had cholera, but, that had every symtom of that disease.

     I will send the manuscript with notes by my daughter, Mary, would be glad to have a word with you before you leave, and have you get picture. I am too weak

to write more.

    As ever your friend,

Wm. H. Connelley

     I have forgotten your initials, if you can't come out, send name and address.