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Kansas City, Missouri
May 13, 1905
My dear Connelley:

     It has been some months since I wrote you last. Possibly you have thought strange of my silence, but I was only waiting for

an event to transpire that I knew would come sooner or later, my appointment to a depuyship in the sheriff's office. And "I

have met the enemy and he is mine." I took office on the 19th of April, and have no fears but I will hold to the end, but I want

to assure you that the position is no "snap." I work almost day and night. I have the Itch 'till my box is clear of papers.
     Well, I see that you locked horns with "Rockefeller,"  (Reader note: Connelley was instrumental in the break-up of

Standard Oil) and think I can see where you are right, hope you will be successful to the fullest extent.
     Well, Connelley, I am going to Louisville, Kentucky, to the "Johny" reunion, can't you go with me. I am after the sheriff,

Charley Baldwin to go also, he's a prince of a fellows.
     I want to thank you for the good letter you sent in my behalf.
     Can't you come down to our reunion at Independence on the 22nd August. I mean the reunion of the old guerrilla band. I

will insure you a royal welcome. Several of the old boys have passed over the river since our last meeting. It is only a question

of a short time when the band will be extinct.

     Let me hear from you and tell me how the world is using you.

As ever, your friend,
Wm. H. Gregg
Sheriff's Office, K. C., Mo.