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Kansas City, Missouri
May 13, 1906

My dear Connelley:

     In my first reply to your of April 25 there were many questions I did not answer. I have no recollection of the man "Ellis" but there was some promiscuous shooting. It was a cold morning in February 1862, Randlett's version of the skirmish near Aubury is correct. As to the deserters, or thieves, I do not remember the particles circumstance, as there were other similar circumstances. I do not recall Randlett's Independence experience. It may not have been brought to my notice before. I do not know od a "lock" of Quantrill's hair taken from his head while in Missouri, but saw the bunch that Scott procured from the grave, which was about the same shade as I remember it. I thought however, that the hair that Scott exhibited was a little more sandy caste than Quantrill's hair, but, being so long under ground may have caused the difference, or changed the color. I recollect the man "Potter" but can recall nothing of his history. But, as to Quantrill's arrest at Bonham Texas, I know only by information from others, Quantrill was placed under arrest by Brig. Gen. McCullough. And, as I have heard it, Quantrill unbuckled his belt as if to hand his arms to McCullough, when his men gathered around him and demanded that he not give up his arms, when he immediately ordered his militia under arms and sent them in pursuit of Quantrill, in which pursuit Anderson and his men and some of Quantrill's followers joined, and, that a trivial skirmish ensued before Quantrill had crossed the Red River, when he had crossed Red River, he was out of McCullough's Jurisdiction, and the pursuit ended. I do not know the exact cause of Quantrill's arrest, possibly Potter's version is right. In my little sketch, I aimed to avoid writing of things that I was not biography of myself.
     As I am somewhat under the weather, I will defer the McIntosh incident until another time.

As ever, your friend,
Wm. H. Gregg
2629 Holmes St.
K. C. Mo.