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Kansas City, Missouri

November 24, 1903

My Dear Mr. Connelley.

     After a hard day's work, I will try to write you a few lines.

    Enclosed you will find clippings from the "Star", giving account of the death of Quantrill's mother with short (but incorrect) sketch of her. She was born in

Pennsylvania, but did not live in Cottage in Springfield, but in Canal Dover. I have been so busy through the week and so tired on Sunday that I have not been to see

John Noland, think I will appropriate Thanksgiving to that task. I have been working at my trade, but it is pretty hard on me. I am getting too old to do that kind of

work. I tell you I have to "digg" to make ends meet, living is excessively high here. I do hope that your oil business is providing successful. If I can't be wealthy myself,

I would like to see my friends get there just the same.

    Mrs. Gregg sends her compliments to you, and joins me in wishing you much success in your new field.

    I called to see Mr. Arnold two or three weeks since, I found him the same jovial, companionable fellow as of yore.

As ever your friend,

Wm. H. Gregg

2103 Forest Avenue,

Kansas City, Missouri