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816 Lincoln Street
Topeka, Kansas
August 13, 1909
Captain William H. Gregg

Kansas City, Missouri

My dear Captain:

     Please write to me and where your reunion is to be held this year. I went to see Mr. Randlett yesterday and asked him to go with me and he said he would if he could get off from the job he has, which is remodeling a house. He has to have it done by a certain day, and it may be that he can not get off. He will come if he can. I also invited Hon. Cyrus Leland, Jr., to go with me, and he said he would if he could get away from the duties of his office. Leland commanded the immediate forces that contended with you in the retreat from lawrence and says he would like to talk with you.

Yours truly,
William E. Connelley