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Kansas City, Missouri
October 2, 1906
 My dear Mr. Connelley:

     By accident I obtained an item that I had long since given up as lost. The death of a favorite brother brought about consummation. The death of Brother having been published in the Kansas City, Star, although the notice in the Star was intended to be more of a slur than in remembrance, fell into the hands of John > Van Gundy of Neosho Rapids, Kansas, whom I knew when we were boys, and who was a witness to the dastardly acts of Jim Lane's marauders on the Neosho River in September 1856. and whose sister, Mrs. Chris Carver, was murdered by them. Mr. an Grudy sent me his reminiscences of the early settlers and early times and tragedies of those days. Van Gundy informs me that Captain John. E. Cook afterwards hanged with John Brown, was the leader of this band. In this party were several men who lived in the immediate vicinity. I wish you would come down before I return Van Gundy's reminiscences. My thoughts are so engrossed with my work in the Sheriff's office, that I really have no time to write these notes as they should be written.

     Well, Connelley, I think we will make a clean sweep of "Shannonism" this fall, and if we do I am going to invite you to dinner.

     Let me hear from you.

As ever, your friend,
Wm. H. Gregg
1215 Wabash Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri