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2103 Forest Ave.
Kansas City, Mo.
Sept. 3 , 1903

My Dear Mr. Connelley,

Chanute, Kansas.

My Dear Sir & Friend


     For a time after you left Kansas City I was very busy doing Carpenter's work, and was too tired to write at night and now I am laid up for repairs again,

rheumatic affection of the side. Am somewhat improved today however.

     Well, our reunion has come and gone, nearly fifty responded. John Noland was on hand, wore the badge, seemed to be as proud of it as any of the men

John told me that the reason he failed to show up at 33rd & Troost, was, that just as he got through supper, he was called to drive people he works for. I will try to

see him soon and get his story. I will enclose with the story of my horse "Scroggins." I did not put in my M. S. because it was not exactly germain to the subject.

    I do hope that you will find something for me to do that will be easier  than carpentering, besides I am tired of K. C. Rents have gotten to be appalling, and living

in proportion, then I am tired of "Catholic" Rule.

Let me hear from you soon.

As ever your friend,
Wm. H. Gregg