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816 Lincoln Street
Topeka, Kansas
August 26, 1909
Captain William H. Gregg
Kansas City, Missouri
My dear Captain:

     I enclose you a carbon copy of the letter I am sending to Governor Hadly today for you. I hope you will get this place. I know that if you get it you will hold it as long as you live if you want to.
     I want you to move every thing you can to get the place. See all the men I suggested, and see every other man of influence that you can. I believe you can get the place.
     If there is anything else I can do please let me know and I will do it at once and do it gladly.
     If it is not too awfully hot I will go to Higginsville to meet the veterans of the Mexican War, and will do what I can there, if I find anything I can do.

Your friend truly,
William E. Connelley