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816 Lincoln Street
Topeka, Kansas
August 26, 1909
To the Governor of Missouri

     I am informed that a superintendent of the Confederate Home at Higginsville is to be appointed in the near future.
     I desire to say a word for Captain William H. Gregg, of Kansas City, Mo. Not being a citizen of the great state of Missouri, I assume no right to a voice in her affairs, but I hope that a word for a man whom I know to be well fitted for the position will not be taken amiss.
     I have known Captain Gregg many years. He is honest, honorable, upright. He is a man of ability---of exeptional executive ability. He knows how to command, which he did long under General Shelby, and he knows how to obtain obedience without harshness. And every word I have said here I can say with emphasis of Mrs. Gregg. I have been long a student of the history of Kansas and Missouri, and the wars along the border. No man has ever said aught against Captain Gregg's record as a good soldier in my hearing. He has written his autobiography for me, and I find it sustained by the records. I shall publish it soon.
     Captain Gregg is the nephew of the late Dr. Josiah Gregg, author of the Commerce of the Praries, the authentic history of the old Santa Fe Trail, and one of the greatest explorers of the great Southwest and California. The Gregg family is an extensive one in Missouri and one of the best in America.

William E. Connelley