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Kansas City, Missouri
August 31, 1909
Mr. W. E. Connelley
Topeka, Kansas
My dear Mr. Connelley:

     Iwrite to thank you for the sentiments expressed of my wife and myself in your letter to Governor Hadley. I had a splendid interview with the Governor yesterday. He was not aware of the perfidy of John B. Stone, until told by my friend Mr. Heitman, who has voluntarily taken up my cause, and the good women of the daughters of the Confederacy have also voluntarily taken up my cause, a committee of whom had a conference with Mr. Hadley at Swope Park yesterday afternoon. And I now think that my chances are far better than they ever were before.
     Allow me again to offer the thanks of Mrs. Gregg and myself for those splendid sentiments.
     I am as ever

Your friend,
Wm. H. Gregg