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Kansas City, Missouri
December 2, 1904
My dear Connelley:
      Yours of the 28th ult. at hand. Was glad to hear from you. I have been very busy this summer and fall. Through the summer I drove a team at $10.00 per week, which occupied my entire time, for I will not handle horses and not take care of them, and, when fall came I quit the team and turned my wits, (if I have any) to politics, how well I succeeded, you can judge by the returns. However, I made Charley Baldwin a specialty and won by a large majority, (over 4000). Now then I am trying to get a place on his staff as deputy sheriff, a place which I believe I filled very satisfactorily under Mr. Pontius, the first Republican sheriff of Jackson County. I spent three weeks among my old comrades and friends in the country, a majority of whom pledged me their votes for Charley Baldwin, and, in the majority I think they stood by their pledges, as  shown by Washington, a very strong Democratic Township, went for Baldwin by 14 votes, and, many of these people voted for Baldwin because I asked them to do so. So, I believe I still have some influence in old Jackson.

    As to your inquiry of Quantrill's affair at Morgan Walker's I think I can tell you the facts in the case, not from participation, for I was not there, but my old home and the Walker home were only separated about seven miles, and I was intimately acquainted with the Walker family and all the parties participating in the affair, though at this time I can not call to mind the names of all the parties outside the Walker family. I know however, that James Bowling, who still lives in Jackson
County, was one of the participants. As to the exact date I do not remember. But it was either the latter part of November or early December, 1960. But, before giving you a full rehearsal of the affair, I will try to find out the whereabouts of Andy Walker, son of Morgan, and get particulars from him. I do not know if I can get the name of the woman Noland spoke of (Readers note: the first spy Quantrill sent into Lawrence), fact is I have some doubts of the truth of the story.

     Yes, some of the boys were arrested and taken to Lawrence, but I only recollect Geo. Mattox who resides at Jeff City, and is a guard at the Penitentiary. But, I don't think that Geo. went to Lawrence with us, and I think it was proven at this trial, when he was acquitted.

     No, I knew of no such man as Joe Bowling, but knew Mark Bowling and Geo. Bowling, both of whom were with Quantrill some, these men are brothers of James Bowling mentioned above. As to the twelve men set apart by Quantrill to do the killing at Lawrence, I know nothing, but believe it to be untrue. as to the story of Cole Younger being opposed to the Lawrence raid, I also believe is untrue. Cole is a man of considerable intelligence, and owing to that fact might have saved his bullets where a man of lesser intellect would not of  saved them. As to what Cole did in Lawrence,  I do not know. I can not call to mind now, that I saw Cole while we were in Lawrence, but do call to mind seeing him often in the fighting on our retreat back to Missouri. I find that both sides are given to exaggerations. I believe, yes, I know that as far as I gave details, I gave the correct reasons for our raid on Lawrence, and my recollections that the men were thoroughly agreed on the raid, and, in my estimation, for any man to "wheedle" about it now, is the merest "rot",  be a man, come out on the prairie, "tell the truth" nothing else is history. I ask for a place under Republican, and I tell them everything, they know that I was at Lawrence, because I tell them so.

     Our friend Arnold gave me a grand letter to Baldwin, for which I am under lasting obligations. are you personally acquainted with charles P. Baldwin. It makes no difference,. If you are favorable to me, and, I believe you are, "fire" a letter at him, at 1308 Locust Street, Kansas city, Missouri, without letting him know that I asked it. Any assistance you can give will be appreciated. I could have had a petition a mile long, but preferred special recommendations. The Confederates will meet next Monday night and will endorse me in a body. Let me hear from you soon.

Your friend as ever,
Wm. H. Gregg.
1404 Wabash Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri