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Kansas City, Missouri
December 8, 1903

Wm. E. Connelley, Esq.
Chanute, Kansas
My dear sir and friend:

     Your of the 4th inst. at hand, was glad to hear from you.Yes, I noticed that two by four preachers tirade about the thigh bones, clipped it from the star to send to you. When I read it, I remarked to my wife that this littlepig-headed preacher was too narrow to speak to his grandmother if she had ever passed through a soughtern state, though the train didn't even stop for water. Yourremarks reminded me of a conversation I had with one of Quantrill's men while I was writing my M. S. I told him that I was going to tell the truth allowinf the "Chips"to fall wherer they might. Well, said he, there are some things that ought not tp be told, telling of something that Geo. tidd had done. Well, said I, if Geo. Todd didwrong, he should be held accountable or in other words, condemed for those acts, but if he did right, he sould have praise for it. Bad deeds committed in the warshould be charged to those who committed them. Said I, if these bad deeds are not charged up to those who committed them, then, we who survive willhave to restunder the idium, besides, nothing but the whole truth is going to be told, and it will be told in the near future, and when it is told, it will open the eyes of somepeople,making some glad and others weep. the South will yet be accorded its proper place in histoey. Even Quantrill's men will be spoken of more in accord with their justdeserts. But we can't get rid of those two by fours, they are being born every day. They are not exactly birn 2 by 4's but are taught it by their parents. Now, I wouldguess that this pig-head preacher McFarland would have a law passed to have every male child born of Southern parents either castrated or put to death. Now youhave my opinion of such men as McFarland, no matter what section they are from, or what their politics may be. I have gotten to be a hater of politicians. Why twoRepublician presidents have admitted that under the Cinstitution the South had a right to secede. Mr. Garfield in his inauguarl address, and Mr. Roosevelt in aspeech. But you must not tell McFarland these things for, if you did, he would go back on Roosevelt and damn Garfield's memory forever. I am suprised thatMcFarland is not a "Roman Catholic," he ought to belong to that church.
     Well I will hush up, I can't do the subject justice.
    Well, I went to see John Noland, but the "bird" had flown,  he is living in "Crackers Neck" in hisold home neighborhood, but I will catch him one of these days. 

As ever your friend,
Wm. H. Gregg