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Kansas City, Missouri
February 26, 1907
My dear Connelley,

     I received your prospectus for Doniphan's Expedition today. I think well of your understanding, fact is I am much interested in your book, so much so that I will in the near future send you the subscription price for the book.
     Since the reception of your prospectus, I have wondered if you got the incident of the clock in your book. My friends have been clamoring at me about my little book. I have had inquiries from California, from a Library in St. Louis, and many other places, besides my many friends in this and adjoining counties, and even Kansas have sent request for the book when it is published. It is time that all these old animosities, sentimentalities, etc. should be cast to the four winds. We are all Americans, and that is why the fight was so hard, and lasted so long. I believe that the most vicious articles I have seen was from the pen of a Democrat ex-govenor T. T. Crittenden, a man whose war record is almost, if not altogether as unsavory as that of the Kansas Red Leg. I used to in my younger days, answer the articles of these unsavory gentry, but of late years I have refrained. About all that old Tom Crittenden has is blood money derived from the assassintion of Jesse James.
     I am still with the sheriff, and think that I will remain to the end of his present term.

Your friend as ever,
Wm. H. Gregg
1307 Michigan Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri