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Dear Readers:

I am writing this message in regards to the Smith/Davis Cemetery located in Kansas City, Missouri. The Smith/Davis Cemetery is the final resting place for at least thirty-five persons, including four known Confederate soldiers, 12 to 15 other Civil war soldiers who are thought to be Union soldiers killed in the battle of White Oaks near Blue Springs, Missouri, and three of the women killed in the collapse of the Union Jail for Women who's story on the preceding page I hope you will read. This cemetery sits on property zoned for commercial use. The current owner has removed the markers in an attempt to conceal its location, hoping one day soon to develop this property, including the cemetery as an industrial park. The removal of top soil has already begun and he has made it clear that his plans are to bulldoze the cemetery and any ancestor or anyone interested in its preservation who gets in his way, regardless of any existing laws. In order to gain control of the one quarter acre and re establish the cemetery boundaries and restore this landmark, we will need donations. Simply put, it is the only way we, that are preserving the past, can win this battle. Any contribution would add up to our final victory. Our address for donations is:

These are the Civil War soldiers known to be buried there according to the 1933 DAR indexing: