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The Exact location of the Thomas Building on Grand Avenue, Kansas city, Missouri.

The partial chain of title dated March 20, 1874, in this file,describes said property as the North half of Lot 169, McGee's Addition to Kansas City, Block 12. Kansas City atlases show the southern line of this half lot to be 123.75 feet from the northeast corner of Grand Avenue and Fifteenth Street (now known as Truman Road) measured to the North of the East side of the avenue. This house number assigned therein is 1425.

On March 17, 1956, the undersigned measured north from said corner of Grand Avenue and Truman Road 123.75 feet and arrived at the door of the Suefert Brothers Hardware Store, over which was the house number 1425. The present (1956) store building apparently occupies all of the Suefert building therefore appears to be the site of the woman's prison which collasped. Accordingly, the south half of  Lot 169 was the site of the guard house which first collasped resulting in the fall of the women's prison.