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Pam Roberts Designs
Handpainted Floorcloths
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Each floorcloth is unique-either one-of-a-kind or limited edition.  My desire is to create an individual piece which reflects the personality of it's ultimate owner. I do not reproduce my work by other means or produce designs in quantity.  Floorcloths are designed and hand painted by the artist.  Highest quality materials, including floorcloth canvas, acrylic and latex paints and varnishes (up to ten coats total) and craftsmanship insure a long wearing product which is easy to clean and will not crack, fade or yellow. The artistic design is fully protected. Some designs include collaged fabric.  All are hemmed and sealed on the reverse.

A guide to commissioning artwork.
History and Promise.

G O R G E O U S    C O L O R

" Color enhances our lives.
It can create joy, lead to reflection, peace...produce a whole range of emotions.
Through my floorcloths and wall canvases I utilize color to envoke positive emotion."

To view my work, please make a selection from the list below
Border Fish
Hill Town 
Poppies Provencal
Madras Houses
Lotus Land 
Three Fans 
 Lily Pads 

My Prices
24" x 36"  - $ 145.00 30" x 42"  - $ 195.00 30" x 50"  - $ 250.00
32" x 48"  - $ 250.00 40" x 40"  - $ 275.00 36" x 48"  - $ 295.00
36" x 54"  - $ 335.00 48" x 48"  - $ 375.00 40" x 60"  - $ 395.00

Other sizes available upon request.
Custom orders 50% deposit, balance upon completion.
Floorcloths designed for hanging (Wall Canvases) add $ 15.00.
With a sample of your wallpaper, tile, drapery or anything you would like to match, I custom design floorcloths and wall canvasses.

Phone (252) 504 2912
Fax (252) 540 3112
Or E-MailMe