This is an extremely rare, and hard to find, red Quantrill reunion ribbon. The ribbon reads: "16th Reunion SURVIVORS OF THE Quantrell's Guerillas Oct. 3 and 4  1913 Independence, Mo." In seven
lines. The ribbon is 3-1/4" wide and 7-1/4" inches long and is preserved in a period frame (8x10). On this ribbon, in period dark ink are written the words: "Dept. Constable."  At the Quantrill reunions these old men would still drink, get drunk and have a hell of a wild time. So one or two of the old Guerrilla's would be charged with keeping the rest in line. They would be the "Deputy" over the other members at the reunion. This is one of those extremely rare "Deputy Constable" ribbons.  This ribbon was found in the the personal  of Frank James! Attached to the back of the period frame is the hand written statement of that fact from the most famous collector of Jesse and Frank James, and noted Guerrilla Warfare Historian in the U.S., Lee Pollock. The handwritten statement of fact reads:

     "10/20/93--The Deputy Constable Ribbon with the Quantrill Ribbon 1913 belonged to Frank James
     Personal Possessions.(signed) Lee Pollock." Close quote. Lee Pollock owned Frank James trunk! Also
     attached to the back of the frame is Mr. Pollock's famous, BLACK personal business card with name,
     address and phone number. These extremely rare Quantrill reunion ribbons almost are never seen.

Picture and words Courtesy of Rick Mack