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...but what, oh what shall I say of the roll enacted by the noble, Christian, Godlike women of the South, amidst the perils and dangers which confronted them during the war. Comrades, words fail me. The part played by the women of the South exceeds in self-sacrificing glory that of the men. From the war sounded the appeal to arms, and the sweet and bright light of the Confederate victory burst forth and spread over the plains of Manassas and continued through alternate epochs of cloud and sunshine, to that awful night at Appomattox, the women of the South, with a devotion, a heroism and a patriotism, unexampled and unparalleled in sublimely, stood by the alters of the Confederate States and kept the fires of patriotism aglow in the hearts of the men. Indeed, poetry would exhaust its inspirations and philosophy its eloguences, in futile attempts to wreath adequate garlands of praise around their fair brows, for all that is good, noble, grand and sublime, they stand unapproached and unapproachable...

Captain William H. Gregg, August 21st, 1908